Despite the tangible nature of real estate, it is the intangibles that make a difference in successful developments. We believe that with good people, good projects will follow. A solid reputation and a strong project outcome is earned by the consistent effort and character of the people behind the work. Time and again, McDonald Property Group and its partners has produced projects that we are proud to have developed.

The key tenets that define McDonald Property Group include execution, budget control, reliability, integrity, sound market knowledge, longstanding broker relationships in each market, attention to all design and construction details, and a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

We believe that ensuring certainty of investment performance is of paramount importance. We’re committed to forging relationships with like-minded people and emphasizing strong communications, as this can make all the difference when addressing the challenges in development that inevitably arise.

Delivering space on time, on budget and with unyielding quality standards requires an experienced developer that is actively involved at every step. McDonald Property Group is as hands-on as a developer can be, and we have learned over the years that this is the only way to operate. Experience and focus will lead to the achievement of consistent results.